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New Book: The Maritime Labour Convention 2006: International Labour Law Redefined

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“This work contributes clarity and certainty to the meaning of the Maritime Labour Convention, while helpfully drawing attention to issues still to be resolved in the enforcement of the Convention.”

-Professor Hilton Staniland
Institute of Maritime Law, University of Southampton

Defending Against Pirates: The International Law of Small Arms, Armed Guards and Privateers

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“. . . very importantly brings the information . . . to the mariner’s level. I believe every mariner at least should pre-read the book then take it with him whenever he goes offshore . . . it could very possibly keep him and his vessel out of trouble. Vessel owners should make this little book available to the crews of all their vessels. It would save them a lot of money in the long run.”

-Captain Tom Bradley
Council of American Master Mariners

“Faced with pirates armed with automatic weapons and rocket-propelled grenades, . . . ship owners and operators are electing to fight fire with fire, . . . placing privately contracted armed guards on their vessels as they transit high-risk waters, such as the western Indian Ocean. . . . The authors of “Defending Against Pirates” have taken an important step toward shining needed light on this previously obscure [legal] area.”

—Dennis L. Bryant
Bryant’s Maritime Consulting, August 26, 2011

“This . . . book . . . is a rare thing . . . describing the place of pirates in our modern world, the rather unsatisfactory state of the law of piracy in the countries of the world, the failure of state power to prevail and the trunk of legal legacies and municipal bits and bobs which must be applied in the circumstances.

This book has most of the strengths of the author’s magisterial book on Shipmaster law and also delights the reader with its learned and historicist brevity. Just as in the larger book there is a weariness with the way of governments and laws in our times, a sadness at how law and countries have a centralising and authoritarian tendency which has grown apace since September 11, 2001. The subject is sombre and rather urgent, and this book is a serious attempt to promote civilisation using juridical methods. It is also a long overdue effort to address the ineffectual response to modern piracy by the society of States and the need to renew the legal intellectual underpinings of how to address a problem at which at best never entirely goes away and at worst haunts the repose of mariners around the world.

—Maritime Advocate, April 27, 2011