What the Reviewers are Saying about The International Law of the Shipmaster

“. . . The International Law of the Shipmaster should be considered as much a ship’s bible as the Rules of the Road and Bowditch on Navigation. It is my opinion that unless this treatise is found on the bridge in the ship’s library behind her two radars, the vessel is unseaworthy. Shipmaster should also be a part of each owner’s, insurer’s, cargo interest’s, agent’s,. . .  library, not to mention every serious maritime law office in the world.”

—Jeff Mudgett
The Maritime Executive, May/June 2010

“This book should be on the shelf of every master of an ocean-going vessel, every owner and operator of an ocean-going vessel, and every government agency that regulates ocean-going vessels.”

—Dennis L. Bryant
Bryant’s Maritime Consulting, February 24, 2010

“Not only is this a unique source of reference for lawyers and the courts, as well as ship masters themselves, the insights it provides constitute an invaluable aid to decision making for ship managers and operators, not to mention risk managers. . . At last, here is a volume that offers in-depth and quite astounding insights into the person and pivotal role of the shipmaster.”

—Phillip B. Taylor
Watch the YouTube video, July 2010: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zuDSlle30kQ

“This is an awesome guide to the master’s standing in law, and will give those who have dealings with him/her an understanding of the currents swirling around in any decisions made.”

—Richard Clayton
Fairplay, 4 March 2010, Vol. 368, Issue 6572

“A book like this is something of an event in our industry. It deserves a careful reading from people in the industry for it puts flesh on the bones of many truths of the modern era: that the shipmaster in sole charge has to wrestle with a lot of issues, jurisdictions and people, sometimes in conditions of unenviable solitude.”

—Sam Ignarski
Editor, Bow Wave WavyLine.com, Issue No. 538 15 MAR 10

“If you buy one book this year for your professional library it should be The International Law of the Shipmaster.”

—Vince C. Reuter
Sidelights, June 2010, Published by the Council of American Master Mariners

“Written to fill a need voiced by owners, masters, P&I clubs, agents, labor organizations governments and others, The International Law of the Shipmaster . . . describes the complexity of the legal situation of the modern master in a readable and useful form.”

—March 2010 edition of Mainbrace, the Blank Rome, LLP Maritime Newsletter